St Peter’s resurrection Chapel Trip (Project completed)

Wave has been working with St Peter’s Church, Bournemouth, over the past few months on a Heritage Lottery Funded project exploring the World War 1 heritage of the Church, and its Chapel of the Resurrection.

One outcome has been the development of a projected exhibition inside the Chapel, a 30 minute film exploring the stories of some of the men who were killed in action and to whom the Chapel is dedicated. Oak Academy students and Bournemouth School students developed the materials in the film after visiting the chapel and church and then it was pulled together by Dorset artist Martin Coyne.

It’s a really rather moving and beautiful film, suitable for Y4 upwards.

The church has some funding for schools to bring smallish groups of students (15-30 students) to see the film and chapel; and, if you would like, to also see the Church itself which is beautiful (the grounds also contain the grave of Frankenstein author Mary Shelley). They are keen for the Chapel to become a learning centre moving forwards.

However, the projected exhibition is only in place until 13 November.

The Church can help with transport costs, on a first come, first served basis.

Duration: If you would like to see the Chapel and film only, the visit will last around 45 mins, with get in and get out. To see the church too, you will need around an hour and a quarter.

You will need to liaise with Alice Miller, Project Coordinator, to arrange a time but they can be flexible.

Email ALice to book your place: