Hengistbury Headlines

Hengistbury Headlines

October 31, 2017

163 children from schools in Bournemouth (St Lukes, Bethany, Heathlands and St Katharines) visited Hengistbury Head for the ‘Hengistbury Headlines’ part of Inside Out Dorset 2016 festival.

They saw a range of performances and installations on their visit and then a further 153 pupils took part in follow up work exploring heritage and climate change back at their schools.

Sweetshop Revolution worked with Bethany school on making their own dance pieces; Gobbledegook theatre helped pupils at St Lukes paint their own cloudscapes and poetry; Miraculous Theatre used drama to enable students to become ‘plant whisperers’ at St Katharines and Pebble Gorge devised treasure trails with Heathlands pupils using recorded voices on mp3 players. The pupils were also visited by heritage experts further informing them about the archaeology, ecology and heritage of the site.

‘They loved it! Haven’t stopped talking about and watching clouds, even arguing about what type of cloud they’re seeing! They were fascinated by all the installations we passed on the train, and wanted to know more about what was going on. They had a truly magical experience, they were transfixed and inspired by their experiences.’ St Luke’s School

316 children took part in the project altogether which was project managed by Activate Performing Arts and Dorset History Centre.


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