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Wave Arts Education Agency links the arts, cultural and education communities in Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole and beyond. Working with young people, artists, creative practitioners, teachers, local authority agencies and cultural organisations, our mission is to produce the most exciting, inspirational and innovative cultural education projects possible, alongside workshops and training. Through such work, we hope to make a distinctive contribution to the enjoyment, confidence, skills and emotional wellbeing of children and young people. We also aim to support and enhance good practice amongst our delivery partners, strengthening the cultural education sector as a whole.


  • To provide young people with regular access to high quality cultural education experiences, in and outside school
  • To identify, promote and disseminate good practice for artists in informal and formal learning environments.
  • To develop and sustain an arts education network, centered around our Cultural Hub, promoting creativity within education


Wave is currently supported by funding from:

  • Arts Council England
  • BCP Council

Programme of work

Wave’s programme of work operates within the following core areas:

  • Creative projects: for young people, schools, community groups or other partners, in the fields of visual arts, performing arts, literacy and/or heritage. We are increasingly interested in cross-curricular projects delivering ‘core’ subjects through the arts; plus projects aimed at helping schools attain improvement targets in creative ways. Wave also facilitates out of school clubs; holiday programmes and community events. Wave works with a wide range of partners
  • The Cultural Hub: Wave chairs this unique forum for cooperation, dialogue and project development and delivery, between subscribing schools and cultural organizations. See the dedicated Cultural Hub page for more details
  • Training: Wave provides professional development for teachers, artists, creative practitioners, cultural organizations and young people. We organise regular sessions across term time
  • Commissions: Wave is increasingly being commissioned by outside organisations to deliver aspects of their Learning and Participation strategies. Our biggest current commissions are with Lighthouse, Poole’s Centre for the Arts, and SoundStorm Music Education Agency
  • Consultancy services: Wave now offers consultancy services to cultural organizations, schools, local authorities and other organizations. These include
    • creative curriculum development and social enterprise approaches to schools
    • successful funding approaches for emerging artists and organizations
    • establishing and growing a sustainable Cultural Hub model
  • Advocacy: We advocate for creativity and cultural entitlement within education, and the positive impact of a strong arts offer within schools. Wave does this through conferences, presentations and meetings with key stakeholders, including teachers, headteachers and governors
  • Information and advice: Wave provides general advice for artists, schools, teachers, cultural organizations, parents and young people
  • Brokerage: Wave helps emerging and established artists, cultural organizations and other players develop their cultural education offer

If you are interested in support in any of the above areas, please email info@waveartseducation.org.uk


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