Creative Writing Workshops – Aladdin (or is it Ala ad Din?)


Aladdin (or is it Ala ad Din?)

Dates available for visits to your school: 3, 10, 17, 24 NOVEMBER 2016

• Year groups: Year 5 and older
• The workshop leader can work with up to 2 classes in each school (one in the morning, one in the afternoon) of 30 children max each
• They can also deliver an assembly slot for up to 10 mins if requested in each school

As part of its autumn outreach programme, Lighthouse, in partnership with Wave Arts Education Agency, wants to work with 4 classes from different Bournemouth/Poole schools.
This will be a creative writing project, centering on Lighthouse’s panto, looking at where stories originate, and how, over time, they become reappropriated and reinterpreted by other cultures.
When you hear a story, how do you trust it, how has it been changed?

This project will see a professional workshop leader come into each school and lead a creative writing day taking a familiar story (eg. a fairy tale) and placing it into a contemporary setting
(The story of Ala ad Din, for example, was appropriated into a completely different context by the British pantomime tradition).
The workshops will also look at the themes of the play eg. the role luck / fortune plays in life… (Aladdin chances upon magic that elevates and changes his life).
Students will be encouraged to use their imagination, to develop wondrous new worlds

The new stories created as part of this project will be presented creatively and exhibited in Lighthouse’s top floor gallery during the panto season. Schools will also have opportunities to interact with members of the team producing Aladdin and, of course, book reduced price tickets to see the show.

Stories will need to be delivered to Lighthouse by the end of November in an attractive format suitable for exhibition. Some follow-up work to present the stories attractively may be needed by schools following the workshops.
Interested? Contact by Friday 7 October.