Snow Play

The Cultural Hub project, ‘Snow Play,’ ran from October – December 2012 at three schools: Kings Park Primary, Bethany and St Clements Primary school and St Luke Primary school.


The project involved several activities and initiatives to help support the schools to deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage creative curriculum, encouraging schools to use the theme of ‘Seasons’ as a topic across the curriculum. Each school developed the theme by engaging with their local library, as well as working with a visual artist, a storyteller & a musician, experiencing ‘pop-up’ installations of snow environments, as well as attending the ‘Snow Play’ performance at the Lighthouse.


The project stimulated the imagination of the students and drew in other key subject areas such as literacy, music, art and science. Teachers noticed a confidence arise in the young people as ‘quiet children’ gave wonderful performances and it was noted that during a session in a reception class, a child spoke her first word ‘SNOW.’

Teachers that were invloved also gained useful advice about materials, techniques and further creative ideas.