The Stone and Voice Project

The Stone and Voice Project

March 5, 2018

Stone and Voice was the largest commission Wave was involved with in 2017.

St Peter’s Church, Bournemouth, commissioned Wave to lead the learning and participation element of Stone and Voice, a Heritage Lottery funded project exploring the Church’s history at the time of the First World War. The project focussed particularly on the construction of the Chapel of the Resurrection in the grounds of St Peter’s, highlighting the stories of the men lost in the War to whom the Chapel was dedicated; but also parishioners who lost their lives in the War but have been forgotten in the 100 years since.

The project was a true partnership, with a large number of artists, musicians, voluntary archival researchers and cultural organisations contributing, including SoundStorm, Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival, Dorset History Centre, Arts University Bournemouth, Bath Philharmonia, as well as St Peter’s itself…

A moving new suite of music was created, Stone and Voice,  which involved Bath Philharmonia Creative Learning Team working with students from Bournemouth School, during the summer of 2017. The piece reflected upon the life stories and experiences of some of the St Peter’s parishioners lost during the First World War, with particular focus on the 23 men named on a memorial in the Church, designed by renowned architect Sir Ninian Comper. It was premiered at a sellout concert as part of Arts By The Sea Festival in the Church on 18 October 2017, ably supported by professional musicians from Bath Phil, baritone James Atkinson, organist Sam Hanson, and singers from Bournemouth School  for Girls,  Bournemouth School and the Choir of St Peter’s, who also performed Gabriel Faure’s Requiem.

You can hear the music here, in footage filmed at the premiere:

A second piece of work centered around creating an exhibition and film for display within the Chapel of the Resurrection. Like the memorial in the Church, the Chapel was designed by ecclisastical architect, Sir Ninian Comper. Students from Bournemouth School and Oak Academy worked with digital artist Martin Coyne, director Sharon Muiruri, filmaker Jordi Robert, artists Heidi Steller and Denise Poote, plus a combination of professional and amateur actors, to create a film charting the lives of some of the forgotten fallen from World War 1; plus a visual exhibition. To date, over 15 other schools have come to see the exhibition, and over 500 visitors.

You can see the film created by artisty Martin Coyne, which formed the centrepiece of the exhibition, here:


There is a short film charting the project as a whole, including inteviews with some of the main protagonists here:


School Resource Pack

A further outcome of the Wave’s work on Stone and Voice was the development of a resource pack for schools, created by Wave working in partnership with St Peter’s researchers, project coordinator Alice Miller and Dorset History Centre.

The pack is designed to be of interest to any school from anywhere in the country studying the First World War, whether they have been to St Peter’s or not. It includes information on the Church itself, background information on the War, exercises for history students which utilise primary sources uncovered by researchers in the project and much more. It’s aimed at upper KS2 / KS3.

You can download the resource pack here

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