Project Subway

Lowther Road in Charminster, Bournemouth, is soon to undergo a huge transformation. We have commissioned local artist Ilse Black to create a digital mural using a number of paintings by local school children. The design will be vinyl wrapped on one side of the underpass walls, in a bid to create a positive environment following a series of negative events that have occurred there. We hope the subway will become family friendly and used by all.


A football match and carol service with children from Malmesbury Park and Bethany School have already taken place in the cut through. These were organised by Architecture students from the Arts University College Bournemouth and visiting lecturer Richard Eastham who feeling strongly about promoting the public’s use of the space.

097_P_131218_Subway-Transformed (27)20140225_141910

Both events were a huge success as you can see!

“The children have transformed the place, it’s been full of energy and full of excitement, and quite a miraculous change, it’s been fantastic.”

Sam Fuller, Assistant Headteacher, Malmesbury Park Primary