Visual Arts: Shadowbox Artworks

shadow box is a craft device akin to a “deep frame” that is used for displaying three dimensional images or items. In this workshop, each child will learn about and then create their own shadow box artwork. Participants will use shapes cut from white copy paper, to arrange as a monotone ‘shadowbox picture’ in a pre-cut A4 mountboard frame.

The workshop works best when a theme for the pictures is agreed in advance. This can easily be tied in with topics the participating class may be studying elsewhere in the curriculum. Participants will be shown some reference materials on the theme before they draw, but they will be designing their pictures from their own imaginations.

The workshops will explore perspectives and dimensions, and also the magic backlighting such artworks can have on how they appear.

Recommended for: Y4-6, though simpler shadow artworks can be made with younger year groups

Materials needed: 3 sheets A4 tracing paper per pupil; 4 sheets white copy paper per pupil; scissors, gluesticks, hb pencils, some mid grey paper, black felt tips.

Optional A4 sheets of mountboard.

Minimum Time Needed: 2 afternoons

Cost: £220 plus materials for a class group


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