Visual Arts: Magic Murals

Ideally, a week long project (five half days) this project creates a large scale mural-type artwork or a series of mural works. These can be a purely decorative feature or have more practical purposes (eg. a special notice board, an artwork for reception, a title board to denote a particular school area: ‘ICT Suite’, ‘Music Room’, ‘Reading Corner’ etc). The theme can of course be determined by the school.

With this project, there’s scope for different year groups to be involved on different days of the project, so it could potentially involve large numbers of students.

The large mural will be made mostly from collaged, painted and printed textures.

If you want a more permanent feature utilising plastics, glass or other all-weather materials, this can also be arranged but will need more time and will be considerably more expensive

Recommended for: Y1-6

Materials needed: Sugar paper, scrap papers, coloured paper, textured paper, foiled papers, card and possibly sandpaper. Acrylic paint, A3 drawing paper and pencils. PVA glue. Paint brushes, palettes and glue dabbers.

Minimum Time Needed: 4 afternoons

Cost: £420 plus materials


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