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October 2, 2018

Target year group: Year 7 and 8

Tanith Underwood

Tanith joins us from Australia having gained her Bachelor’s degree in Drama and Film, Television & New Media. Having worked with children from 0-18, Tanith brings with her a boatload of experience across different art forms. Working with young people and providing safe, creative spaces is Tanith’s biggest passion.

Workshop Outline

Duration: 70 minutes (flexible)

Through a series of group activities, games and exercises, Tanith will work with the class to explore how we think about leadership. Using a variety of drama exercises, students will have the opportunity to express their opinions on ‘what makes a good leader’– and will then be guided through group discussions about these ideas. This session is ideal for students who may have just moved to secondary school who would benefit from sessions focused around team-work and confidence building.

Workshop aims:

  1. To create a welcoming creative space where students can bond over shared experiences
  2. To explore and unpack the idea of leadership and celebrate all the different qualities of a good leader
  3. To give the students confidence in their own voice and opinions


As a new partner, we are beginning by piloting workshops in two schools on a first come, first serve basis.

To book, email with three preferred dates, your Year group, and contact information.


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