About the Cultural Hub

The Cultural Hub has delivered a huge number of creative and educational projects across Bournemouth and Poole, and through working in partnership the Hub has allowed schools and cultural partners to access project funds and partners skills normally unavailable.

At the start of the financial year each partner contributes to a collective project fund which means all the work delivered through the Cultural Hub is completely self-funded by the partners involved.  Through a pooled budget we have found we can realise more ambitious and exciting projects than possible alone.  Each project is developed by schools and arts/cultural partners together, each bringing their own aims, perspectives and ambitions to the planning process and so creating the best possible experiences and outcomes for children and young people.

One of the key elements of the Cultural Hub is that the overall themes and programme of work are jointly-planned and developed by all cultural partners and schools. Projects are varied and could work to enhance the curriculum in school time, give pupils choice in out-of-hours opportunities or build capacity of artists and teachers through professional development. Uniquely, the Cultural Hub is enabling cultural organisations to build sustained partnerships with other cultural organisations, creative practitioners and schools in a flexible and responsive way that promotes learning, organisational change and the adoption of new ways of working.

Key achievements of the Cultural Hub (2009 – 2012):
8,750 children and young people have participated in Hub activities
2,591 opportunities for children and young people to participate
523 direct participation from parents
410 teachers have participated in Hub activites
86 school librarians, teaching assistants and non-teaching staff have participated
21 cultural education projects
16 governors have particiapted in cultural activities

Key characteristics of a Cultural Hub project:
All projects are jointly planned and managed between education and cultural partners to ensure they are meeting the needs of both sectors.

  • Specialist artists and cultural workers are recruited to deliver work alongside cultural partners and teaching staff.
  • The Cultural Hub provides direct access to specialist skills, knowledge, ideas and experience, within and between education and cultural partners
  • The consortium provides advanced access to, and increased awareness of, forthcoming cultural education opportunities
  • Partners share teaching and learning resources, including schemes of work, project planning and project resource packs.
  • A democratic decision-making process, led by the partners themselves within the broad themes of an annual delivery plan (see below), ensures ownership of the partnership.
  • Pooled budgets, in kind support and a number of partners, means that there is an economy of scale, getting more for your money.
  • Good level of critical debate around creative and cultural education
  • The partnership is co-ordinated by wave arts education agency, who support project planning, ensure an equity across the partnership and provide specialist support and advice.

Fees for 2013/14: Primary/Middle/SEN – £1,250          Secondary – £2,500