The Enormous Turnip

The Enormous Turnip

May 22, 2014

wave and Lighthouse commissioned Dorset based Stuff and Nonsense Theatre Company to create a Christmas show, The Enormous Turnip, as an alternative to a pantomine for Reception aged children.

This Cultural Hub project was written specifically to engage children in the story, to encourage them to listen, talk about and understand the plotline and the characters through sessions with Libraries, the Theatre Company and a visual artist.Teachers were also encouraged to explore their creativity through a selection of workshops giving them ideas and tools to implement back in the classroom.

The very special thing about the day is that one of the children has been so shy about school that she has only whispered since she started. But this afternoon, she spoke confidently and was clearly a very happy child as she was playing with the others, laughing and smiling.

Jacqui Garrett, King’s Park Primary School, Bournemouth

The work the children produced during the sessions was later displayed at an art exhibition in Lighthouse

turnip artwork


Looking around during the session in the studio I could see awe and wonder in their faces. I really felt it was fulfilling my aims and objectives in terms of developing their speaking and listening skills and extending their vocabulary, as well as feeding their imaginations.

Jacqui Garrett, King’s Park Primary School, Bournemouth



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