Creative Curriculum

Wave has begun to focus in recent years on utilising the arts in imaginative ways to deliver “mainstream” subjects in schools. This is increasingly a solution to time pressures on cultural and arts education as changes to the Curriculum – and a greater emphasis upon testing and traditional learning methods – have kicked in at both primary and secondary level.

Wave can help schools bring more arts and creativity into their mainstream curriculum in two principal ways:

  • As a consultant, working with senior leadership teams to identify methodologies and ideas for delivering the timetable/subjects in much more creative ways. This can be a significant piece of work looking at all subject areas – or can be a more specific piece of work looking at one or two core subjects
  • Through projects able to deliver topics in particular subjects in an imaginative, arts-based approach. These can be at primary or secondary level

Consultancy Services

If you from a school interested in engaging Wave as a consultant, please contact us in the first instance outlining the nature of your issue and outcome(s) you wish to achieve. We can come to meet you to discuss in more detail your needs and desired outcomes. Following such a meeting, we can give you an estimate of timelines/costs.

Projects Delivery the Curriculum Through the Arts

If it is specific topics you would like to deliver in more imaginative ways, please contact us with details. It is very possible we will already have a template and/or artist able to deliver the topic in question. If not, we will be able to design a suitable project for your needs, and find a skilled practitioner to deliver it. Preparation time will depend upon the nature and complexity of the project but this can usually occur quickly and should not normally be very costly.

Below are some of the specific projects our associate artists have already delivered for Wave. Please contact us on if you would like to discuss bringing one of these projects into your school.


Collision: Maths and Art Creative card game-making

Students will devise their own character based ‘Top Trumps’ style card game. This is flexible so as to include all levels of maths ability.  At the end of this creative project, they will use their bespoke packs of cards to play and win games that test their problem-solving and strategic skills. Requires four x 2...

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Drawing for Portfolios

A series of drawing workshops to target and develop core drawing skills for young people and higher education portfolio.  Can be targetted to include specific themes or subject disciplines. Requires 2 hours weekly for a minimum of 6 weeks. Max 30 students 9+ age and older Please contact us on if you would like...

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Celebratory Arts

Ideal for any festival or celebration themed topics (eg. Chinese New Year, Diwali) or topics being studied in history/RE etc, ‘Celebratory Arts’ can provide large and small scale carnival sculpture, head dresses, costume items and processional art works. Materials/skills used can range from recycled items, willow sculpture, fabric printing, banner making and so much more....

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Rocks, Soils and Fossils

Bring to life your Geography projects with this exciting printmaking and mark making workshop. Using drawing, printmaking and mark making and ‘rock wrapping’ we’ll create beautiful layered panels to hang on the wall or window demonstrating the layers of rocks and soils. This project is messy but so much fun. Most suitable for years 3,4,...

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Ecosystem in your classroom

Another geography based project, the project sees you build an ecosystem in a classroom, from the mountain in the middle through to foothills, rivers, lakes and finally the sea. A fantastic, imaginative way to learn about the water table, physical and human geography and much more. Most suitable for older primary students, this project does...

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History / Great Literature through Drama

A great way to bring history to life – or scenes from those set works which require further exploration. Suitable for primary and secondary level Please contact us on if you would like to discuss bringing this project into your school.

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